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1950’s Belgian Congo revival

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4 responses to “1950’s Belgian Congo revival”

  1. Hi Paul
    It’s good to hear your story.
    Does that mean you’ve got some stories to tell about the Congo or some old photos that could go onto another post?
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. My mum and dad took me in as an orphan later they took missionaries into their home as they itinerated across the Uk. I used to listen to them talk about the Congo. I myself never did get to go there, but there again, God may open up the door in the future.

    Many thanks for the blog post and your ministry

  3. I am Jack’s grandson. I am really encouraged to find this account on the internet. A few years ago I spent some time with Dr Helen Roseveare who was there at the time. An amazing outpouring of God’s spirit.

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