Cruella snatches Duncan 23rd March 2011

We called it: ‘101 Donkeys’.

Tyre tracks on the ground.
Tyre tracks on the ground.

Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s a take on 101 Dalmatians!

But the tyre track?

You’ll have to look to see what the significance is:

Duncan, our friendly (puppet) Donkey, has mysteriously disappeared from his field, but fortunately there were some clues:

  • a turned over water trough,
  • a hole in the hedge,
  • tyre tracks
  • and a torn piece of material.

Was it worthwhile searching for those clues?

Duncan's ears just about visible in the window.
Duncan’s ears just about visible in the window.

Yes, it took us to a house where we noticed something familiar in the window – can you see?
We could just see the tops of Duncan’s ears!
After a bit of an adventure we managed to get Duncan back.

What if we had said: ‘I can’t be bothered to go looking for any clues!’ Duncan would still be with Cruella De Villian.

That leads us into: If God is worth knowing, then He’s worth spending time searching for Him!

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