25th May 2011 Storykeepers

Fergus, our crow puppet, as Mr Big the Gangster.
Fergus, our crow puppet, as Mr Big the Gangster.

We called this event: ‘’Bugsy (Leave) Me-alone’

It’s 1929 and what was Bugsy trying to do? (Do the right thing – not join the gangsters)

Mr Big's posh car!
Mr Big’s posh car!

He was being bombarded from all sides by Mr Big who runs the show around here and Dusty Dirty Rat who ran another gang.

When we want to do the right thing we have got 3 things that can bombard us:
[2] OUR BODIES! (“No, I want some chips!”)
[3] Who came to talk to Jesus to try and make him do the wrong things when he was in the desert? The Devil.
Now I’m not saying that you will have the Devil standing in front of you! But you will probably have some thoughts come into your head: “No don’t do that” or “Do this”
So, when you come to choose to do something right and good you’ll probably feel bombarded by various thoughts and people telling you to do something different and even your own body protesting!

But there may also be God dropping a thought into your mind. So we need to choose who we listen to, or don’t listen to.

Bugsy has got some mates!
Bugsy has got some mates!

By Peter Reason