Sponsor a child 26th January 2011

At times we see awful pictures on the TV of people in the world who are really struggling to survive.

An adult in Africa digs for some water.
An adult in Africa digs for some water.

Here is a picture of someone getting their drinking, cooking and washing water from a deep, dirty hole in the ground.

Is there anything we can do?

At Earith Storykepers we decided there was one thing we could do and that was to sponsor a child in Africa.

But first, we decided to be a child in Africa for one day, getting up and washing, eating breakfast (or not as the case maybe) and so on.
We compared those who had lots of things with those who had very few essential things.
From this experience we decided to sponsor a child via ‘World Vision’.

At most Storykeeper events we now have a slot where we catch up with our sponsored child.

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