28th September 2011 Storykeepers

Good crop of rosy red apples.Celebrating the harvest:

Yellow orange Nectarines growing on a tree.
Yellow orange Nectarines growing on a tree.

When ‘harvest’ is mentioned, people tend to think of combine harvesters and also that not many people are  involved in actually harvesting crops.

But in the old days most people within a village would have been working hard to bring in the crops.

Digging in the veg garden.Harvest doesn’t just mean the wheat crop but all sorts of things, including apples, nectarines and even me in my veg garden – ouch that looks like hard work!

When we get food from a supermarket it is easy to forget where it came from, but just look at the gorgeous fruit growing on the trees or in the fields – it’s amazing!

How can we look God in the eye and say that it happened by chance?
He designed and created these wonderful things.
God is the Great Designer!

By Peter Reason

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