[7] A 1960’s Safari Guide and me

This article was published on: 11 May, 2011
Last modified on 11 March, 2021

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Joe and guide close up.

Set the camera on a tripod and click delay photo …

1962 Luangwa Valley Game Reserve.

My visit, with the African Safari Guide, to this area was inspired by the book ‘Wildlife in an African Territory’ by F. Frazer-Darling (Oxford University Press 1960).

Having satisfied the manager I was self contained, with a suitably equipped four wheel drive vehicle I was allowed free access to all the area.

Here I had engaged one of the Park Rangers as a ‘guide’ to find some camera worthy animals.

Then, a pipe smoker, I tipped him with a tin of top class English tobacco – much appreciated!

HWJ. Lucas May 2011

Joe Lucas with a Park Ranger as a guide.
Joe Lucas with a Park Ranger as a guide.

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