Adolf Hitler’s warning from God not to start a war

Would, or could, God warn Adolf Hitler?

It would appear that Adolf Hitler’s warning from God not to start a war was plain and obvious.

Can you believe that God did draw a line in the sand but Hitler made a conscious decision to proceed with his plans?

This is not fiction or myth, but it is the truth and comes from a (non-Christian) documentary “The Nazis: A Warning From History – Hitler’s Path To War” [i].

The programme factually showed personal situations and world events leading up to the second world war and it made no inference to God’s involvement.

This is how Adolf Hitler’s warning happened:

In late summer, 1939, Adolf Hitler withdrew to the Berghof in the Obersalzberg – in the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany.

Snow covered Austrian mountains.
Adolf Hitler’s warning in the Mountains in Austria. By Peter Reason licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He was trying to weigh up all the possible outcomes if he gave the order to attack Poland – how would Britain, France and Russia react?

He and his group of friends were on the large open air terrace when a menacing cloud formation began to approach them.
Tension within the group began to escalate and they became fearful.
When the unnatural cloud was at it’s closest, a Hungarian lady within the group suddenly proclaimed:

Adolf, this augers a warning. There will be blood. Blood, blood, blood and more blood. There will be terrible destruction and suffering!”

‘The Nazis: A Warning from History’ a 1997 BBC documentary [i]

Adolf Hitler looked shocked and said:

“If that’s the way its got to be, then so be it.”

‘The Nazis: A Warning from History’ a 1997 BBC documentary [i]

Then he left rapidly to his room very shaken up.

Adolf Hitler’s warning – Did God really warn him?

My thoughts are:

  • If it was just a storm, why did the group become fearful? They could easily have walked inside to get away from it.
    Was it because it was unnatural, even supernatural, to get their attention?
  • When the lady made her proclamation, in a normal situation the group would probably have laughed at such an outburst.
    Was it because the group knew it wasn’t her speaking her thoughts?
    Perhaps the group knew that it was Adolf Hitler’s warning from God?
  • Why was Hitler so shaken by it? If he thought it was just the woman speaking he would have brushed it aside.
    Did he believe that a Superior Being was speaking at that point and personally challenging him?
    It was as if a line was being drawn and Hitler seemed to know that if he crossed that line, then there would be a huge loss of life.
  • Why didn’t Hitler just laugh it off – why did he have to withdraw to his room?
    Did he feel personally challenged?
    If he felt challenged by any human being he would have flattened them under his foot, but did he feel that God was confronting him?

Soon after this event, Hitler gave the order to attack and on the 1st September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and the bloodshed started.
Are you surprised about Adolf Hitler’s warning?

[i] Programme shown on the Yesterday channel on Thursday 12th February 2015 between 11pm and midnight:
‘The Nazis: A Warning from History’ Wikipedia

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