[2] African 1950’s Safari introduction

Joe′s Journal of 1950’s safari′s, work contracts and expeditions to far away places.

The origin of Joe′s Journal:

Joe Lucas portrait

The 1950′s saw a steady stream of well trained technicians available to industry, having completed National Service.
Taxpayers funded the training but we have to buy the medal.
In great demand, jobs were seeking men at home and abroad.
Some sought academic qualifications.
I opted for travel and adventure overseas, well paid work with low taxation.

This computer free world was, however, smothered in paperwork. Some of it surviving in my ‘archives’ fill in the blank pages of my diaries, recalling happier days, linking events and places with names; many now passed away.
So was the pains, flies, smells and disasters.

Drawing of Joe Lucas in his Land Rover on an African Safari.
Joe Lucas in his Land Rover on an African Safari [i]

Fifty years on, it is clear that God′s will alone preserved all this – and me;
my armchair analysis to become serially ‘Joe’s Journal’ which will take you back in time to places and events missed, or avoided by the post war media.

What shall we then say to these things?
If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Romans 8:31

[i] Drawing by Cecily Marshall.

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