Amazing Spider webs

Spider webs.How did spiders get to have 5 or so different kinds of web silk?

Here are the different types of spider webs, but not every spider would have all of these different silks:

  • Drag-line silk to form a strong skeleton for their web
  • Scaffolding silk to support the web whilst constructing it
  • Capturing silk to make the ‘net’ for ensnaring prey
  • Shielding silk to protect egg sacks
  • Rope silk to tie the prey up
  • Male sperm web for fertilisation
  • Gluing silk to stick things
  • Web point bonding silk

A spider away from it's spider webs.Wow, that is amazing! How did that come about for each specific purpose?

I would suggest that the ability to do all these things has been given by God the great Designer.

By Peter Reason

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