Category: Are there Bible errors in the early chapters of Genesis?

How reliable is the Bible?

Many are quick to point out supposed errors within the Bible, but the Bible can use a phrase like we so often use phrases, but we don’t start to beat ourselves up because we have used the words in an unscientific way.
The Bible is not a scientific book describing certain experiments.
But what is written in the Bible is correct and is not in error, and is trustworthy.

Can we trust Genesis?

Genesis has a lot of criticism thrown at it, but does the creation story fail scientific study?
It can be studied logically.
Was the Garden of Eden a real place, or was it just a parable?
The term created ‘according to their kinds’ is an important piece of information.
Many say that the Bible is unreliable because it was passed from mouth to mouth and is prone to exaggeration.
But is it possible that early man could write far earlier than we assumed?

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