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A book: "Humorous Bible Story Drama Scripts for Schools, Churches and After School Clubs"

Humorous Bible Story Drama Scripts for Schools, Churches and After School Clubs

Retells the bible stories in an authentic and modern way, with the aim that the truth of the story is not lost.

Children love to act out these ten Bible story drama’s for schools or churches.
Although the characters and conversations have been added for dramatization purposes these scripts still remain true to the original Bible stories.
Children can learn so much about life, it’s ups and downs, and how these old characters responded to whatever was throw up in their lives.
A little history:
I was part of a small group of Christians who wanted to start a drama after
school’s club. I spent a considerable amount of time trawling through the
Internet looking for suitable drama scripts, but none of them seemed to fit
what we wanted to achieve.
So, I decided to write my own Bible story drama scripts based on the stories from the Bible:

  • 1 ‘Abraham’s early life when he was called Abram!’
  • 2 ‘Naomi’s very troubled life turns a corner’
  • 3 Esther ‘Born for Such a Time as This’
  • 4 ‘Elijah’s battle against The Master prophets’
  • 5 ‘Can a money grabbing person ever change?’
  • 6 ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’
  • 7 SERIES 1: ‘Babylon’s Palace’ “Interpret my dream – but I’m not saying what I dreamt about!”
  • 8 SERIES 2: ‘Babylon’s Palace’ ‘The pride of king Nebuchadnezzar’
  • 9 SERIES 3 ‘Babylon’s Palace’ ‘More arrogance and jealousy’

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Bible story drama scripts written in a modern, humorous style that children will love to act and become these big characters.

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