Here are the categories for all the articles:

Articles on Spirituality

What is God like? What is a Christian? Who do we trust? Following celebrities, spiritual bankruptcy, feeling good, etc…

Articles on Understanding our lives by looking at Noah’s life:

Abuse of power, hard work, hardships, complaining, this world our home, consistency, etc. [i]

Articles on Personal faith.

Why do bad situations hit us? What is the Truth? How reliable is our conscience? God’s purpose for us, ticket to heaven, etc …?

Jesus Christ from Nazareth;

Myth, historical man or God’s Son? Non-Christian evidence, Judaism’s perspective on Jesus. When were the Gospels written? Jesus wild prophet, Turin Shroud, acceptable worship, etc…

Articles about the Bible story facts:

Star of Bethlehem, Genesis, Noah’s Ark, Garden of Eden, etc…

Church stuff;

Communion, baptism, leadership problems, doctrine, codes of conduct, etc…

Creation and evolution;

Scientists who believe, how old are the stars, how to date the earth, etc… [ii]

Interesting nature:

Robber crabs, stars, painful childbirth, spider webs, were dragons real? …etc… [iii]

School resources; free R.E. lesson plans for Keystage Two.

What is Church, baptism, communion, Easter, Advent, is Jesus a historical figure, etc…

End of the world:

A sobering thought, my life’s falling apart, day of the Lord, things that grab our attention, etc…

The Holy Spirit:

Filling, transforming but nothing added, revival, problems and issues, criticising the Holy Spirit, Tronto Blessing, etc…

Real life stories:

Christine Reason 1930 to 2019, Hitler 1939 at the Berghof in the Obersalzberg, etc…

African Safari’s in the 1950’s and 1960’s:

Luangwa Valley Game Reserve, Southern Rhodesia Game Reserve, Tanganyika, etc…

Songs with meaning…

Historic Earith in Cambridgeshire, England:

Detailed account of living in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s in a village.


[i] Photo credit: Rod Waddington on Flickr – opens in a new window.
[ii] Photo Credit: alienwatch on Flickr opens in a new window.
[iii] Photo credit: David Stanley on Flickr – opens in a new window.