[3] Christians behaving badly – selfish ambitions

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  1. From a purely personal viewpoint (and a limited viewpoint) I would say that in the USA it is more ‘in fashion’ to go to church and that brings it’s own set of problems – the ones that you have listed.
    Whereas in the UK it is only about 5 to 8 percent of the population that attend church. I would say that in the UK there are very few churches with prosperity teachers and not many centered on supernatural signs and wonders.
    Thanks for your comments.
    From Peter

  2. Well, probably 2/3 of the “pastors” out there were not called by God but rather by themselves. So we have too many churches without a true shepherd and probably in the USA we have too many churches, period. Too many places that are country clubs, too many that are feel good centers, too many that are prosperity teachers, too many centered on supernatural signs and wonders and not enough on the GOSPEL!!! Do not lose heart, if you are called, God will not be stopped and He will make a way!

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