Articles about church 'stuff'

Christians may not appreciate that their own church has a set way of doing things but newcomers can feel very self conscious in trying to do the 'right thing' and not looking stupid.
Which reminds me of a funny, if not embarrassing situation, when I was asked to preach at a denomination I had not been to before. At some point in the service I asked the congregation to stand and everyone apart from myself and my wife remained seated - well, they NEVER stood at that part of the service, not ever!
Here are some articles about church life, unity, communion, our group's view on what is acceptable, baptism, gays, what the gospel message should be, etc:

Christian code of conduct – unwritten behaviour

A congregation takes on it’s own unwritten Christian code of conduct, a unique code of behaviour and appearance. To feel ‘accepted’ you need to follow this unwritten code. Roy (name changed) was naturally jolly and bouncy, but the congregation was more sedate and ‘spiritual’! Soon Roy was getting on everybody’s nerves and this was intensified when the church went away for a few days of camping…

[3] The symbolism of the Passover Seder Meal

There is a lovely symbolism of the Passover Meal – the Seder Meal. The Head of the house puts on a Kittel which resembles a Lab Coat, but has no pockets or buttons. The origin of the Kittel comes from the priests clothes. But NOT the High Priest’s elaborate garments. When he entered the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement, he wore simple linen garments…

Views on what makes a sin terrible or acceptable

Every congregation will have it’s own view on what makes a sin terrible and what isn’t so bad. For example, a couple started to attend the church, and everyone was pleased to see two new faces in the congregation. Everything was going well, but then they said that they were remarried, and an awful silence descended on the church!…

A return to early Church worship? Worship part 2

What was the early Church worship like? We can at times feel dissatisfied with set Christian worship services.It can become just like a performance that we attend and then leave with no real involvement. What was it like in the early church, what did they do when they met together? From the Bible we can… Continue reading A return to early Church worship? Worship part 2