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Articles about church 'stuff'

Christians may not appreciate that their own church has a set way of doing things but newcomers can feel very self conscious in trying to do the 'right thing' and not looking stupid.
Which reminds me of a funny, if not embarrassing situation, when I was asked to preach at a denomination I had not been to before. At some point in the service I asked the congregation to stand and everyone apart from myself and my wife remained seated - well, they NEVER stood at that part of the service, not ever!
Here are some articles about church life, unity, communion, our group's view on what is acceptable, baptism, gays, what the gospel message should be, etc:

Views on what makes a sin terrible or acceptable

Cartoon man chasing chicken with an axe

Every congregation will have it’s own view on what makes a sin terrible and what isn’t so bad. For example, a couple started to attend the church, and everyone was pleased to see two new faces in the congregation. Everything was going well, but then they said that they were remarried, and an awful silence descended on the church!…

Thoughts on worship in church – part 1

Hands lifted high in worship.

Here we look at the use of songs in churches, bringing in the Presence of God, anointed songs and worship that is real.

[1] Did Jesus really desire a unity at any cost?

A sign that says unity.

I was in a church and someone leading the service asked us to pray for Christians who were being killed in Asia, and then he said an extraordinary thing.
He said:
“and what makes this situation worse is that they are xxx (his denomination), our own brothers and sisters!”
I found such a statement repulsive.
Regardless of which denomination they represented, they were Christians, people bought with the price…

[2] Unity: United around Jesus’ teachings.

The word unity over the Bible.

The whole essence of a Christian is that we follow Jesus Christ, and this involves obedience.
Someone who doesn’t belong to God, doesn’t understand God’s teachings and they don’t want to obey the Lord’s commands.
But Christians unite around these teachings.
Unity is important among Christians, and Christians are those who have a desire to obey all of God’s teachings….

[3] Satan knows the importance of unity.

Flames starting around a unity sign.

Let’s explore the topic of unity:
Why does Satan raise the importance of unity, if he wants to destroy it?
That may seem like going against his plan.
But by getting the largest amount of people, to agree on the smallest amount of Biblical Truth, then he can very effectively bring in false teaching…

[4] A unity that divides

Unity sign splitting in two.

We will be looking at two types of people who don’t follow Jesus’ teaching on unity:
Firstly, there is someone who wants to believe all that the Bible teaches but because they are young in the faith, or they have had poor teaching, they hold incorrect views.
But the second person chooses not to obey the teachings of the Bible…

Is it time the clergy had a ‘uniform’ revamp – the Scouts did and it worked!

Clergyman in his vestments.

I have heard people comment on the clergy vestments (including Bishops and Archbishops) – things like: “Whatever does he look like” “Nice frock!” What has he got on his head?” “I can’t imagine Jesus wearing that!”
Here’s some simple questions about the usage of clergy vestments…

Will the Church respond quickly enough?

A Techie church with outside speakers, satellite dish,large screen and strobe light .

Should the church change at all?
Are we relying on gadgets and technology to attract and keep the crowds.
Things are changing so rapidly.
Or should we stick to our traditions?…