[3] John (Jack) Wales: Earith early school days

Shooting paper with elastic bands.

My life in Earith early school days was now becoming more industrious.

I had been moved up from the Infant Room, as it was called, into the Standard One, where we had ink to write with and real books with lines.

Shooting paper with elastic bands was about the only thing I can remember.

A young John Wales with some family and dogs.
A young John Wales with some family and dogs.

Then I was moved into Standard Two, where we still shot paper about.

On Thursday afternoon the boys did raffia while the girls did needlework until the children were old enough to do a little gardening.

The plot of garden I was on received second and third prize respectively for the best plot.

At break the chief games were either, being chased by a boy who had a bicycle tube doubled and knotted, or throwing cobbles at one another.
The cobbles were taken out of somebody’s pavement and then replaced after use!

On Monday afternoons drawing was the chief subject and the boy who drew the object the best received what ever it was.
Sometimes it was a pineapple, sometimes a bloater and even joints of meat were brought to copy!

[Written by John Wales while in the 3rd form at Huntingdon Grammar School]

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By John (Jack) Wales

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