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Historic Earith

Earith lies next to the River Great Ouse and where the artificial Old Bedford River starts (cut in 1630 to drain the Great Level in the Fens).
Earith is 11 miles from Huntingdon and 15 miles from Cambridge.
It has the remains of an English Civil War fort known as the Earith Bulwark.
The A1123 main road next to the River Great Ouse can become flooded and impassable after a period of very heavy rainfall.
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[2] John (Jack) Wales: young memories of Earith

Rat's head poking out of the piano.

Young memories of Earith: On hearing the piano playing on its own accord, we called the dog in, and opened the top of the piano. Then after a few kicks and a few notes being played, the two rats came forth and…

1930’s Earith Annaul Parade for Cottage Hospital

1930's annual parade, Earith.

1930’s Earith Annual Parade to raise money for Huntingdon Cottage Hospital in the 1930’s …

[3] John (Jack) Wales: Earith early school days

Shooting paper with elastic bands.

My life in Earith early school days was now becoming more industrious.
I had been moved up from the Infant Room, as it was called, into the Standard One, where we had ink to write with and real books with lines.
Shooting paper with elastic bands was about the only thing I can remember…

Elizabethan Shilling

Queen Elizabeth bust.

A well worn Queen Elizabethan Shilling dated 1566 found by John Wales in 1933 in North Halls field, Earith Fen.
How much was that worth in Elizabethan days:
About three and a half days pay* for a Pikeman in the army…

[4] John (Jack) Wales: Huntingdon Grammar School days

A boy in 1930's.

Being in the third form of Huntingdon Grammar School we have a fair amount of homework.
We have Physical Education twice a week and a games period on Friday afternoons.
We play football in the winter, cricket in the summer and in between these two we have cross country runs.
In the Physical Education period in the summer we go bathing…

[5] Evocative walk, Earith British School and Chapel Lane

Earith British School, Colne Road.

This used to be a lovely kitchen garden at Earith, Cambridgeshire belonged to Miss Parren the big house on the front. We used to go and play croquet there. Very old red brick wall — hand made. Threw stones at pear tree and cut the pear off – just like that!…

[6] John (Jack) Wales: Evocative walk; 1930’s Pubs in Earith

A Black Bull pub sign.

1930’s Pubs in Earith, there was a lot! Earith was well served with Public Houses. Beer was brewed on the premises and many people supplied their own tankard, which was kept at their preferred public house. ‘The Anchor’ (situated near the pond) was kept by Walter and Violet Broughton…

Albert Maile’s Garage Earith

Albert Mailes with a Grantchester car.

Albert Maile’s Garage Earith, Albert nicknamed ‘Tutsy’ lived at the house now known as the ‘River View’ pub. He’s standing by an old Grantchester car…