Earith Storykeepers:

A children's after school club that ran in Earith from 2007 to 2012.
Each evening was themed, in the early days it was focused on Bible stories and then we started doing real stories from history and some cartoon stories.

Farewell Earith Storykeepers

This was a monthly themed event where the children explore and relive historic situations, or visit different parts of the world, or have talent nights ..
It was aimed it at Primary School children…

14th December 2011 Earith Storykeepers

It was a very long journey of about 100 miles.
I had the donkey to ride on but Joseph had to walk.
We had to go because of the census. Bethlehem was the town where Joseph was born and we went to be counted.
It was a bumpy road, but the little donkey didn’t give up…

23rd November 2011 Storykeepers

1940 and England is at war with Germany.
Well, we still need to earn our money and people still need fish to eat, so we had better carry on fishing.
Later we hear that everyone with a boat – however small – needs to report for duty.
We quickly learn that our troops are cornered in France at Dunkirk…

28th September 2011 Storykeepers

When ‘harvest’ is mentioned, people tend to think of combine harvesters and also that not many people are  involved in actually harvesting crops.
But in the old days most people within a village would have been working hard to bring in the crops.
Harvest doesn’t just mean the wheat crop but all sorts of things, including apples, nectarines…

11th July 2011 Storykeepers

At the Pondlife Party we had a strange collection of things, including a Moorhen, Frogs and a Bullrush!
After having a lot of fun with pond games we looked at the number of amazing things you get in an old pond…

22nd June 2011 Storykeepers

In 1854 amidst the disease, filth and badly injured soldiers entered a lady called Florence:
She did an extremely difficult job caring for those soldiers, cleaning and bandaging their wounds, feeding them and being with them…

23rd March 2011 Storykeepers

Duncan, our friendly (puppet) Donkey, has mysteriously disappeared from his field, but fortunately there were some clues:
a turned over water trough, a hole in the hedge, tyre tracks…

16th February 2011 Storykeepers

We joined the ‘Local Defence Volunteers’ or ‘Homeguard’ as it was known as. Oh yes, and we also had some trouble from the A.R.P. Warden as well…
Captain Montgomery and Sergeant Wimpey had a difficult decision to make when they had to defuse an unexploded bomb…

26th January 2011 Storykeepers

At times we see awful pictures on the TV of people in the world who are really struggling to survive.
Is there anything we can do?
At Earith Storykepers we decided there was one thing we could do…

12th December 2010 Storykeepers

The cowboy was heading west with a number of wagons.
The journey was long and difficult and they finally came to a huge mountain range blocking their way.
Another problem was that it was autumn and winter was coming…

10th November 2010 Storykeepers

Cornwall November 1907 and the night of a violent storm!
The ship S. S. Suevic was sailing from Australia to Southampton.
It was an appalling night, a gale was blowing and the Captain couldn’t see anything and they were getting close to the Cornish coast…

23rd September 2010 Storykeepers

Can we learn anything good from Robin Hood?
The Sheriff was up to his bad tricks again.
He was pushing people around and treating the people very badly.
The problem was that he was used to getting his own way…