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Facts behind the bible stories

Ship’s log for Noah’s Ark

An ancient scroll.

The total length of time for the flood waters to subside and for the ground to dry out was 7 and a half months.
These are very realistic figures, whereas many myths…

More thoughts on Noah’s flood

50 problems and answers for Noah's Ark.

I have just seen this post: ‘Defending the Flood’ by Matthew2262’s blog.
It is well worth a read and provides answers to these objections…

Why did the Ark ground on Mt Ararat?

Mountain similar to Mt Ararat.

Why Mt Ararat, why not a mountain much closer to the heart of a Jew and a mountain much closer to Israel?
It is generally recognised that Moses is the writer of Genesis.
So why did Moses put Mt Ararat as the place where the Ark became grounded – unless it was really true?…

God named some things and not others – why?

Huge waves breaking on the sea.

God named these five things in Genesis – day, night, atmosphere, earth and sea.
Perhaps He wanted to call attention to their importance…

Noah’s relatives and the Flood

The Flood sweeps over the land.

Were there any of Noah’s close relatives around at the time of the Flood?
Noah and his wife, and his three sons and their wives went onto the Ark, but were there any other close family relatives alive then…

The horror of the Biblical flood

The flood hits the land.

The massive destruction caused by the Flood is often not understood.
Everything was exterminated.
In the Bible it tells us that: ‘Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out’…
That is what has happened to the early fossil record – they have been exterminated…