Fancy dress in Earith 1950’s

Fancy dress as shopkeepers and a Yeti.
Fancy dress as shopkeepers and a Yeti in Earith.

A mobile pub, shopkeepers and trying to capture the Yeti all in one place?

(Top photo) Yes, a mobile pub on wheels for the fancy dress background.

Those involved:
Derek Anderson, Bill Anderson, Florence Wales, Harold Holt and Jack Wales driving tractor.

At the Conservative Fancy Dress and Garden Fete.

(Bottom photo) Circa 1950 – 1960
‘Capturing the Yeti’.

William Wales as Sherpa porter.
Jack Wales as ‘Yeti’ passing the Crown in Earith.

Look at the first article in this series: [1] John (Jack) Wales: Earith early years, born 1925

By John (Jack) Wales

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