Farewell Earith Storykeepers

This article was published on: 1 February, 2012
Last modified on 14 January, 2021

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For youth and children: Earith Storykeepers

A nurse putting an arm sling on a childThis was a monthly themed event where the children explore and relive historic situations, or visit different parts of the world, or have talent nights ..

It was aimed it at Primary School children, but we also got some enthusiastic young people from Secondary School and adults!

It was free, and often we all got a chance to dress up in the costume of the era…

We finished with a moral or Christian ideal and an energetic song or two.

You can see all our themes and past events.

The events were held at Earith Primary School at 6.30pm for about an hour.

A life boatman in waterproof hat

Ali as an A.R.P. Warden.
Ali as an A.R.P. Warden.

Storykeepers has been stopped and we feel that it has been a brilliant time.
We have got many happy memories and we feel sure that the children will have many great moments to remember also.
We are very grateful for the children’s enthusiasm in exploring all our stories.

Kids Klub

Here are a couple of pics when we helped out at the Kids Klub.

Kids Klub Circus team, 4 ladies and 2 menThe Candy Floss seller with Spike the parrot puppet

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