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Free resources for Primary R.E. Assemblies and Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and worksheets:

Go to the Free Teachers Religious Education Lesson Plans

A child's drawing of themself.There are 4 sections which are a suggested order for certain years but please use them as you see fit.
Each Lesson Plan has generally got 2 worksheets and some have got a drama script.

Teachers comments can be seen at the bottom of this page.

They have been used by teachers for a number of years from around the world – Canada, USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand, to mention just some of the countries.
The idea for these Religious Education lesson plans came from overhearing a number of Primary School teachers at different schools talking about how hard they found teaching R.E. and also at that time I was called in to take an R.E. lesson.

If you approve of them, please spread the word!

I am aware that the subject of Religious Education in the UK is in a state of turmoil with so many changes coming from the government. I hope that you will be able to incorporate these lesson plans into your Personal Social Health and Economic education (PSHE).

If you have got any experience, comments, suggestions on this please let me know via the Comment Form at the bottom of this page, thanks it would be really good to hear from you who are at the cutting edge of this.

Go to the Free Teachers Religious Education Lesson Plans


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