[6] Wallowing Hippopotamus, Sable and Roan Antelopes

Sable Antelope

Sable antelope in parched grass.

What chance against a lion?
A Sable Antelope in a (then) Southern Rhodesia Game Reserve.

These horns make it pretty well lion proof.

It’s back is often scarred when it tosses it’s head!

Roan Antelope

Tall grass undergrowth
Just grass?

Too shy for the camera, or perhaps not:

A Roan Antelope in the Southern Rhodesia Game Reserve, is shy and elusive – it’s a handsome beast.

The shot below was taken from the Land Rover, one whiff of human scent and they are away before you can lift your camera!

Roan antelope
Roan antelope.

Wallowing Hippopotamus

Nearly submerged Hippo.

Hippopotamus and Tick birds.
1962 Luangwa Valley Game Reserve.

These hippo lived near the lodge where I spent the night.

All day they laze and wallow in the pool. At night they graze on the fresh green grass around the lodge!

Two Tick birds are perched on the big one in the photo below. They feed on ticks that in turn feed on open wounds.

These ticks often enlarge the wounds for a better supply.

Tick birds are thus not popular with farmers as they also practice this on cattle.

Six nearly submerged Hippo.

1962, on leave from the Tanganyika Police Services.

HWJ. Lucas May 2011

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