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Articles about the Holy Spirit

Part 2 Criticizing the Holy Spirit

A dove with a red line across it.

Have you ever seen bizarre Christian behaviour but are too scared to ask whether this is right or not, because you may be seen to be criticising the Holy Spirit?
But we are told to question things for our own spiritual safety.
In the verse below, we are encouraged in the things of the Spirit, but But we are also told to test everything:
‘Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything’…

Part 3 The Bible and the Holy Spirit

An open Bible.

A Pastor said that the church wasn’t growing fast enough, then he heard of a revival and so he went to it. On returning he got up to preach but there was no preaching, for three months. Would the Holy Ghost who wrote the Book, who said that the Truth will set you free, would he cause the minister to laugh so much so that he couldn’t preach this Word?
When we look at the 18th Century Revival, the preaching from the Bible played a central role coupled with Spirit filled Preachers…

Part 4 God moving – what is the core focus?

Flames above people.

If there’s one thing I have learnt, it is when people are saying that God is moving in a particular place then I look to see what the core focus is.
Jesus said: “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgement.” Notice Jesus doesn’t say ‘don’t judge’ because we have all got to make decisions on whether things are right or wrong.
The following short video clip shows Benny Hinn falling over and blowing on people…

Part 5 Toronto Blessing beginnings

Toronto blessing style meeting.

The Toronto Blessing is also referred to as the laughing revival.
Where, or how did it start?
It’s not a unique phenomenon.
Below is a potted history extracted from a manuscript by Margaret M. Poloma from the University of Akron [1]:
Pre 1987 Claudio Friedzon, an Assemblies of God pastor in Argentina, was in the centre of revival sweeping through parts of Latin America…

Part 6 1950’s Belgian Congo revival

The Belgian Congo jungle.

Please observe some of the outcomes from the Holy Spirit meeting his people:
“It was seven o’clock on a Friday night. Jack Scholes, our field leader, had just come back from a trip in the south and he had seen revival down there.
He stood up to speak about the revival and started to read from scriptures.
Suddenly we heard a hurricane storm. It was frightening! ..
Then the building shook and the storm lanterns down the centre of the building moved around…