[11] Huntingdon Grammar School days

More school days in the 1930’s for an Earith lad:

A boy in 1930's.

After being transferred from the Council school to Huntingdon Grammar School, my nights are taken up with homework which has to be done.
There is none of that, “O that can wait until tomorrow!” it has to be done today.

We have a long journey of twelve miles each way every morning and night. We leave home at seven and bring our dinners with us.
We arrive back home at night at about a quarter to six.

John (Jack) Wales in his garden.
John (Jack) Wales in his garden. By Peter Reason licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Being in the third form we have a fair amount of homework.
We have Physical Education twice a week and a games period on Friday afternoons.
We play football in the winter, cricket in the summer and in between these two we have cross country runs.
In the Physical Education period in the summer we go bathing at Huntingdon Baths.

I have been at the Grammar School three years now and I do not detest it quite so much as I used to!

[Written by John Wales while in the 3rd form at Huntingdon Grammar School]

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