[7] Is the church relevant today?

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3 responses to “[7] Is the church relevant today?”

  1. Hi Paul and thanks for your comment.
    I agree.
    Technology needs to be the servant of the substance – the message.
    Feel free to post my blog,

  2. Greeetings my brother, You must have heard my friend and I having this conversation the other night…. You hit the “nail on the head” as they say. I totally agree. We are seeing churches that are more interested in the way they present a message than the message itself. They forget however that the Gospel has power all by itself” It needs no modernisation, back up or surround sound to help it move. All it needs is a humble preacher who has nothing but a word from heaven, who can’t stand still.

    By the way I do appreciate your kindness in posting my blog the other day.. That touched my heart. Thank you my brother. I will gladly do the same for you if I may by posting an excerpt of your blog, probably this weekend.