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Lesson plans and worksheets

Free Teachers Religious Education Lesson Plans Key Stage 2

The lesson plans and worksheets are printer friendly.

There are 4 sections in a suggested order for certain years but please use them as you see fit.
Each Lesson Plan has generally got 2 worksheets and some have got a drama script.

Child's own drawing of them selfSection 1 suggest for Year 3

1 Understand that the Church is a community of Christians from all races and nationalities lesson plan.
Worksheet 1a
Worksheet 1b

2 Find out how Christians worship God lesson plan.
Worksheet 2a
Worksheet 2b

3 Features of some Christian places places of worship lesson plan (Possibly visit a Church, but that is not essential).
Worksheet 3 (Pictures of some things which may be found in a Church building).

4 The Bible is a collection of books lesson plan.
Worksheet 4a
Worksheet 4b

Assessment 1-4 (relating to Lesson Plans: 1 to 4)

Christmas: the story of Jesus’ birth lesson plan.
Christmas drama

Christian ceremonies: baptism, confirmation lesson plan.
Worksheet 6

Central Christian ideals: love, justice, peace, forgiveness and self-sacrifice lesson plan.
Worksheet 7a
Worksheet 7b

Assessment 5-7 (relating to Lesson Plans: 5 to 7)

Section 2 suggest for Year 4

8 God as Creator lesson plan.

Worksheet 8a
Worksheet 8b

9 Beliefs about Jesus part 1  lesson plan.
Worksheet 9

10 Jesus and the last supper (Holy Communion) lesson plan.
Courtroom sketch
Worksheet 10

Assessment 8-10 (relating to Lesson Plans: 8 to 10)

11 Become familiar with some of the Bible’s contents lesson plan.
Gang of Boys sketch
Worksheet 11

12 Difficult questions about life in relation to God as Creator lesson plan.
Worksheet 12a
Worksheet 12b

13 Life and teaching of Jesus in historical context lesson plan.

Timeline Worksheet

14 Christian belief and values through action lesson plan (CHRISTIAN VISITOR).
Sheet of Questions

Assessment 11-14 (relating to Lesson Plans: 11 to 14)

Third child's own drawing of them selfSection 3 suggest for Year 5

15 People of faith, now: Jackie Pullinger lesson plan.

Worksheet 15

16 The Lord’s Prayer and some of its meaning lesson plan.
Worksheet 16a
Worksheet 16b

17 The Bible shaping Christian life and belief part 1 lesson plan.
Worksheet 17a
Worksheet 17b

Assessment 15-17 (relating to Lesson Plans: 15 to 17)

18 The biblical stories retold during Holy Week and Easter part 1 (Palm Sunday to Thursday night) lesson plan.
Worksheet 18a
Worksheet 18b

19 The biblical stories retold during Holy Week and Easter part 2 (Good Friday and Easter Sunday) lesson plan.
Football Sketch

Worksheet 19

20 Beliefs about Jesus part 2 lesson plan.
I am the Resurrection sketch
Worksheet 20

21 The biblical stories retold during Advent lesson plan.
Worksheet 21

Assessment 18-21 (relating to Lesson Plans: 18 to 21)

Forth child's own drawing of them selfSection 4 suggest for Year 6

22 The Bible shaping Christian life and belief part 2 lesson plan.
Worksheet 22

23 Christians response to suffering lesson plan.
Worksheet 23a
Worksheet 23b

24 The biblical stories retold during Lent and Pentecost (includes teaching on the Trinity) lesson plan.
Worksheet 24a
Worksheet 24b

25 Funerals – death is not the end lesson plan.
Worksheet 25a
Worksheet 25b

Assessment 22-25 (relating to Lesson Plans: 22 to 25)

26 Beliefs about Jesus part 3 lesson plan. Revolutionary insight into the Rules.
Rule cards to get to heaven
Worksheet 26

27 People of faith, past: John Bunyan lesson plan.
The story text for John Bunyan
Questions on John Bunyan
Further questions on John Bunyan

28 Faith expressed through hymns, stories, plays, and prayers lesson plan.
Worksheet 28

Assessment 26-28 (relating to Lesson Plans: 26 to 28)

Worksheet Images: thanks to Serif ARTGallery CD and GSP 100,000 ClipArt CD


  • Hello Katrina
    It’s good to hear that the material has been useful for you. Sorry I’ve not got any information on the Northern Saints, and sorry that I am replying late to your comment but I’ve had a ‘big’ illness that I have come through. I am hoping to start writing new stuff again for the website soon.

  • Stumbled across your site, it’s very informative and helpful for my KS2 class. Do you have any information on the Northern Saints?

  • This stuff is spot on, as a home educator it is a real asset, especially as all the ideas and links are provided. I’ve struggled with subjects like this and as you can probably tell i’m chuffed to bits. Thank you. It is all the better that the resources are predominately Christian.

  • Joanne
    I found the plans very useful because they were insyc with my year four class lessons this period, thanks a million.

  • Thank you. Planning on using some of the ideas for our Jan/Feb Series- We Believe What? for our elementary kids.

  • Off the top of my head – it’s a matter of timing: the Magi came when they had moved from the stable (Luke 2:7) to a house (Matt 2:11) and was probably a year or so later after Jesus’ birth (which is why Herod killed the boys under two years old).
    Normally I possibly could have put together something but sorry I have got too much on at the moment.
    I hope you have already found some info on it.

  • I praise the Lord for raising people like you to minister to others in a thousand ways giving glory and praising God that I as a sunday school teacher will learn and gain from your wisdom and understanding!. More blessings to you as you use your giftings for Gods glory and honour! Victoria

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