2. Must Christians believe in Adam?

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  1. Thanks Mike for the link – I have watched the first 12 videos and there is some interesting stuff in there.
    It’s good to hear scientists who are Christians voicing their thoughts.
    I do feel that my points and questions in my article still stand….

  2. Hi Peter

    I thought I would respond to your articles on Creation in Genesis and the Scientific theories of creation and evolution.

    As a scientist and a Christian I found the differences in the accounts of creation and evolution in Genesis and from scientific evidence confusing and at times conflicting.

    Also some scientists (who shout loudly) try and use science to try and disprove the need for and existence of God, but there are many scientists who have a strong faith and who see no fundamental conflict between their belief in God and the “theories” of creation and evolution.

    The scientific method develops theories based on experimental results and observation and then tests them to try and show they are wrong and thus need revision and updating or why on the basis of current evidence they are recognised as correct. They can always be updated and changed if they are shown to be lacking by new evidence and often have been in the past.

    There is an interesting set of resources “Test of Faith” see http://www.testoffaith.com/ including DVD’s, films, booklets etc for educational use by churches and others prepared by eminent scientists who are also well known Christians – that argues that there is no fundamental conflict between their beliefs and the scientific theories they work with in their lives.

    I have found the resources very useful – and for example it explores Genesis 1 and 2 very carefully and allows a very helpful discussion which neither challenges the Genesis account nor discounts the scientific evidence – with its limitations.

    I would recommend it to you and anyone who wishes to explore these issues and others – I have run a course based on these materials and would be happy to share them or even run the course again if there are people locally who would like to explore these questions further.

    Best wishes

    Mike Bateman

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