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Was it possible to build Noah’s Ark?

There are many marvelous ancient buildings, etc, that defy logic when we view early mankind as being uneducated and ignorant.
But the early engineers were clever and we find it difficult now to duplicate their designs because the expertise has been lost.
Noah was rich and he could have employed expert carpenters to help build the Ark.
There have been enormous wooden ships in the past, therefore Noah’s Ark was possible to build.
How big was Noah’s Ark compared to modern ships?

Was the world-wide flood real?

Noah’s flood timeline was realistic and not myth-like.
Noah’s ark was grounded on Mt Ararat but that is a young mountain, so could the Ark have landed on Mt Judi in the Urartu region?
Does ‘The Great Unconformity’ show us evidence of a worldwide flood?

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