[4] Noah’s Ark Ararat where and why, Turkish or Armenian?

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2 responses to “[4] Noah’s Ark Ararat where and why, Turkish or Armenian?”

  1. Hello Kathy, do you mean Mount Seir? I’ve not seen anywhere that Mt Sir was where the Ark was launched, where did you read that?
    I think it is impossible to know which way the Ark would have floated as the geography would have been different before the flood and some believe that during the flood many of the mountains were pushed up by the convulsions of the Earth’s crust.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Does anyone know where Mt Sir is? I read that is where the Ark was built and launched. It seems to me depending on where the Ark launched it would have first floated southeast towards the Persian Gulf, the rivers would have flooded the valley and plains and carried it that way. There are mountains near the Strait of Hormuz. Unless a a great wave washed it all the way up north.

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