Painful child-birth for humans but mostly not for animals

A pregnant ladies tummy.Animals seem to give birth to their young quickly and in a relative easy manner – it’s only a painful child-birth when things go wrong.

The World Health Organisation estimates that about 830 women die every day because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth – and that statistic is actually a 44% reduction on the 1990 level. [1]

Professor Jonathan Wells, who studies childhood nutrition at University College London in the UK said:

The figures are just horrifying, it’s extremely rare for mammalian mothers to pay such a high price for offspring production.” [1]

But for human mothers why is childbirth so painful?

Women have had to endure pain at child-birth throughout history.

Why do human mothers have to suffer so much more than female animals?
Surely if evolution was a reality, we would have evolved to a pain free birth?

The only answer that makes sense is the one found in Genesis, in the Bible, which says that it is a direct consequence of disobeying God:

“The Lord said to Eve: ‘I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children…’ “

[1] BBC Earth (opens in a new window)

By Peter Reason

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