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  1. Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  2. I am helping member of my family to find a friend though not neccesarily for marriage more genuine friendship. He is 29 years old. and lives in east anglia. can any one advise of social events for young christian folk. then I can pass details onto him.thanks

  3. Hi Peter, ‘Earith in Days Gone By’ is a photo exhibition at Rector’s Hall on Monday 4th June from 10am-4.30pm. Please notify my of any new posts by e-mail. Best wishes, Ben.

  4. Welcome back Tim. Jesus was born as a Jew, but His mission was not to save the Jews only. Because He is God’s Son, He is relevant to all people.

  5. Hi Ann
    Our world is beautiful, but it can also be a dark and horrible place due to people’s evil thoughts and actions. (Listening to the News will confirm this!)
    Jesus came from heaven, showing us what God is like, showing His love and teaching us how to be forgiven and how to live our lives.
    He and His message were like a bright, wonderful light from heaven.

  6. Hi Katie
    I’ve known very young children who believe that Jesus is the only One who can save them.
    So provided they can understand that, then they are old enough!

  7. Hi Mark
    I expect many of them would have looked at Jesus with no feelings at all, because they were used to seeing people die.
    But we know that the Centurion at the cross suddenly saw Jesus differently (Mark 15:39), and I guess that there may have been one or two other soldiers who were challenged by what they saw and heard.

  8. Hi Sarah, because:
    1) The Bible tells us to do it (Acts 2:38, etc)
    2) We get pleasure from God by obeying Him.
    3) Baptism is a good symbol of dying to ourselves and living to God and being washed clean by His Holy Spirit, so it helps us to understand these things better.
    4) Why 4 reasons? Hopefully these 3 answers are ok for you.

  9. Hi Julie
    A short question which has a long answer!
    On the evening that Jesus was betrayed (just before He was crucified) He had a meal with His disciples (called the ‘Last Supper).
    The bread they ate was a symbol of Jesus’ body which was to be a sacrifice to God to pay for all the wrong that we do.
    The wine they drank was a symbol of Jesus’ blood that was to be spilt the next day.
    Jesus’ death was nasty, but He willingly gave His life so that we could be forgiven by God.
    Holy Communion is another name for remembering this last supper.
    By us sharing the bread and wine together we show that we are trusting in what Jesus did that night.
    By believing in what Jesus did, God will allow us to be in heaven with Him forever.

  10. God had chosen the nation of Israel to be His people so that they would be responsible for preserving God’s Scriptures (the Old Testament of the Bible) down through history.
    But God has also given the basic requirements of His Law to everyone in the form of our conscience.
    Our conscience tells us what is wrong and right.
    Hope that helps

  11. Hi Tim
    Many people wear crosses now, and many don’t believe in Jesus.
    Christians who wear a cross remember that Jesus, the sinless Son of God, paid the penalty for their sin on an instrument of torture (a cross).
    They know the difference between the two robbers and Jesus Christ.

  12. Two robbers were crucified along with Jesus, does that mean when we wear a cross, that we worship them as well?

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