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Christian ministries and talents. RE resources

Christian ministries may be thought of as paid roles such as; vicar, minister, chaplain, worship leader, youth minister, archbishop, bishop, area minister, administrator, evangelist, missionary, etc.
Christian ministries also include unpaid roles and many can be from the same list above, but it should not really be thought of in terms of being paid for what they do.

God gives gifts and talents to everyone and if he wants anyone to do something he will make sure they have got them to fulfil his plan.

How to fulfil the locally agreed syllabus for ‘Christian ministries and talents’

Hopefully you will be able to match your local agreed syllabus with what is here which satisfies eight councils:

These lesson plans are based on the Progression Documents of The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’ Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Rutland County Councils. This is in the light blue text.
The green text is from other Councils: Lewisham Borough, West Sussex, Hull and East Riding.
Here are the main aims for the lesson plan:

Find out about some of the different ministries in the Church e.g. bishop, priest, elder, organist, teacher, cleaner etc.
The ministry of chaplains in hospitals and prisons
Public life – individuals and churches active in charities e.g. Christian Aid, foodbanks, Fair Trade.
How is commitment demonstrated in the lives and work
of significant people of faith?

How do people express their beliefs?

Key vocabulary: Bible, Church, Disciple, Easter, Faith, God, Gospel, Grace, Holy, Holy Spirit, Hymn, Jesus, Pentecost, Prayer, Priest, Saint, Soul, Vicar, Worship.

Lesson plans and resources for: Christian ministries and talents

NEW July 2021. Places of worship, a PowerPoint presentation viewable and downloadable for teachers that can use electronic equipment in the classroom.

Updated March 2022. For teachers to teach ‘old style’ a pdf printable document Places of worship lesson plan:

Worksheet 3 (Pictures of some things which may be found in a Church building):

Ministries and talents – lesson plan – New version coming soon due to changes in the RE syllabus.