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KS1 & 2 teacher comments on free lesson plans

A child's drawing of themself.  Lesson plans and worksheets.

Teachers’ comments can be seen further down and the Comment Form is at the bottom of this page.

These Lesson plans and worksheets have been used by teachers for several years from around the world (see other comments page on Teachers comments from around the world on Free Primary R.E. resources).

The idea for these Religious Education lesson plans came from overhearing several Primary School teachers at different schools talking about how hard they found teaching R.E. and also at that time I was called in to take an R.E. lesson.
So I decided to write these free Lesson plans and worksheets.

Please leave your thoughts in the Comment box at the bottom of the page.

If you approve of them, please spread the word!

I am aware that the subject of Religious Education in the UK is in a state of turmoil with so many changes coming from the government.

I hope that you will be able to incorporate these lesson plans into your Personal Social Health and Economic education (PSHE).

Comments stop in 2016 because I changed the way I ran the website and the platform it was running on. The old platform did not have a commenting facility.
Recently I restarted using WordPress and have allowed comments.

If you have got any experience, comments, or suggestions on these lesson plans please let me know via the Comment Form at the bottom of this page, it would be good to hear from you – the ones who are at the cutting edge of this.

19 responses to “KS1 & 2 teacher comments on free lesson plans”

  1. Hello Katrina
    It’s good to hear that the material has been useful for you. Sorry I’ve not got any information on the Northern Saints, and sorry that I am replying late to your comment but I’ve had a ‘big’ illness that I have come through. I am hoping to start writing new stuff again for the website soon.

  2. Stumbled across your site, it’s very informative and helpful for my KS2 class. Do you have any information on the Northern Saints?

  3. This stuff is spot on, as a home educator it is a real asset, especially as all the ideas and links are provided. I’ve struggled with subjects like this and as you can probably tell i’m chuffed to bits. Thank you. It is all the better that the resources are predominately Christian.

  4. Joanne
    I found the plans very useful because they were insyc with my year four class lessons this period, thanks a million.

  5. Thank you. Planning on using some of the ideas for our Jan/Feb Series- We Believe What? for our elementary kids.

  6. Off the top of my head – it’s a matter of timing: the Magi came when they had moved from the stable (Luke 2:7) to a house (Matt 2:11) and was probably a year or so later after Jesus’ birth (which is why Herod killed the boys under two years old).
    Normally I possibly could have put together something but sorry I have got too much on at the moment.
    I hope you have already found some info on it.

  7. Looking for lesson ideas on comparing the two accounts of Jesus’ birth. Doing it for year 6. Any ideas?

  8. I praise the Lord for raising people like you to minister to others in a thousand ways giving glory and praising God that I as a sunday school teacher will learn and gain from your wisdom and understanding!. More blessings to you as you use your giftings for Gods glory and honour! Victoria

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