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The Biblical Creation story. RE resources

The Biblical Creation story describes the beginning of the world in six stages, in six days:

  1. Light appears over a watery sphere
  2. Sky / atmosphere appears
  3. Land pushes up out of the ocean and vegetation starts growing
  4. Stars, sun and moon appear
  5. Sea creatures and birds appear
  6. All land creatures, animals and humans appear
  7. God rested from creating the world, and so set up a weekly system for humankind to work six days and have one day off.

The children will investigate what the Bible says about creation and then they can see how that fits with modern scientific views.

Lesson plans and resources for: The Biblical Creation story

For teachers background information see: Conclusive Evidence For The Age Of The Universe?

The Biblical Creation story lesson plan

The Biblical Creation story worksheet 1

The Biblical Creation story worksheet 2

How to fulfil the locally agreed syllabus for ‘The Biblical Creation story’

Hopefully you will be able to match your local agreed syllabus with what is here which satisfies eight councils:

These lesson plans are based on the Progression Documents of The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’ Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Rutland County Councils. This is in the light blue text.
The green text is from other Councils: Lewisham Borough, West Sussex, Hull and East Riding.
Here are the main aims for the lesson plan:

Investigate the Biblical Creation stories alongside scientific theories about the origins of the universe.
The creation of the world.
How did the universe begin?

Key vocabulary: Bible, Christ, Creation, Faith, God, Gospel, Miracle, Old Testament, Soul, Worship.