Scientists who believe in the Genesis creation account

Adam and Eve naked in the Garden of Eden.There are many scientists who believe Genesis to be factually true and who are Christian.
On the TV, radio, magazines and papers we are regularly reminded – sometimes in very subtle ways – that science disproves Christianity, and that scientists are atheists.
But this is not true.

There are hundreds of scientists now, who do not believe in Darwin’s theory of Evolution.

Scientific recording instrument.There is an organisation, the Creation Research Society, whose members have to be scientists (who have  earned a postgraduate degree in a recognised area of science) and who believe among other things, that the Bible is:

historically and scientifically true in the original autographs…. the account of origins in Genesis is a factual presentation of simple historical truths.”

When I checked in February (2012) there were 700 scientist (Voting) members, each of whom would stand up for these things, as being acceptable to them as scientists.

The Creation Research Society website says (as at 5/9/2020):

the category of voting member was established with the additional qualification that the person hold an earned post-graduate degree in a recognized area of science.”

Also many of the greatest scientists throughout history have been Christians.

The Creation Research Society’s Statement of Belief:

All voting Scientist members must agree to the following statement of belief:

  1. The Bible is the written Word of God, and because it is inspired throughout, all its assertions are historically and scientifically true in the original autographs.
    To the student of nature this means that the account of origins in Genesis is a factual presentation of simple historical truths.
  2. All basic types of living things, including man, were made by direct creative acts of God during the Creation Week described in Genesis.
    Whatever biological changes have occurred since Creation Week have accomplished only changes within the original created kinds.
  3. The great flood described in Genesis, commonly referred to as the Noachian Flood, was an historic event worldwide in its extent and effect.
  4. We are an organisation of Christian men and women of science who accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
    The account of the special creation of Adam and Eve as one man and one woman and their subsequent fall into sin is the basis for our belief in the necessity of a Savior for all mankind.
    Therefore, salvation can come only through accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior.

The Creation Research Society (opens in a new page).

Images: thanks to Serif ART Gallery CD.

By Peter Reason

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