[17] Souvenirs from Kenya: figures 7 to 8

This article was published on: 23 October, 2012
Last modified on 11 March, 2021

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These figures purchased in the 1950’s, use a heavier wood (than the two earlier posts), darker toned; finish enhanced with polish.
They probably come from Kenya.

Three Rhinoceros, side by side. Souvenirs from Kenya
Three Rhinoceros, side by side. Souvenirs from Kenya

Three Rhinoceros. The ‘two-toned’ effect of one shows both heartwood and outer wood.
Female Rhino horns are longer than the males.

Tortoise. Souvenirs from Kenya.
Tortoise. Souvenirs from Kenya.

Another Tortoise. Heavier than the previous one (in an earlier post), makes a good paperweight.
The hard wood is not suitable for hot poker-work.

All these figures were collected in East Africa, mainly from Tanganyika – now Tanzania, during the early 1950’s.

Joe Lucas August 2012

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