Spirituality in the modern world

Modern spirituality generally refers to an inner closeness to a supernatural Being, that perhaps some would shy away from calling 'God', or an awareness of a form of morality and wellbeing rather than a life governed by materialism.
It is a quest for an 'experience' or finding purpose and meaning.
Here are some articles loosely put in the category of 'Spirituality':

What is God like?

Is God distant? A ‘Force’ for good? An old man with a grey beard? What is God like, well throughout the Bible God is spoken as: a real person, a King giving orders and a Master workman carrying out his designs and purposes…

Can God be known?

God may be closer than you think, but can God be known? The wonderful truth is yes. But to answer this fully, we have got some more questions which we will provide answers for…

What is a Christian?

In a National questionnaire involving all adults: 72% said that they were ‘Christian’ * But only 5 out of 100 go to church! So “What is a Christian?” To help answer that, did you know that the word ‘Christian’ was a nickname!…

Who can we trust?

As we go about our daily lives we get showered with other people’s opinions, which includes good and bad advice. But who to trust? ‘Experts’ tell us: what we should do, what we must avoid, and what is wrong and right. By sifting through all these things, we formulate our own opinions, and we give these different sources a certain amount of authority…

Do you follow celebrities, or who?

A lot of the attraction for superstars and celebs can be due to all the advertising and hype.
Do you follow celebrities or who? Celebrities, sports people, etc become amazing because of all the publicity they get on TV and in the magazines. But what publicity machine did Jesus have? He didn’t have the TV and magazines. But people still followed Jesus!…

A testing situation

A gale was blowing, the sea was wild and it was a really testing situation. All the waves had ‘white horses’ on them and that made my slalom canoe terribly difficult to control and keep upright. We had decided to keep together as a pack of canoes, then, if one of us got into trouble the others could help. But one person decided to…

Spiritual health and bankruptcy

Monopoly is good if you’ve got some property with a house or two, and therefore you’ve got a slim chance of winning.
But if you’re the one with no sets of properties, then your fate is certain!
Whether you survive for the next two minutes, or another hour, it doesn’t really matter, because you know what the outcome will be.
You are going to end up BANKRUPT, and you’ll lose.
Sooner or later, you are going to land on Park Lane…

Cruel sneers to a single flower

Through a grimy, stained glass window she appeared again to laughs and sneers from the kids outside on the street.
Silly old Mrs Millar was poking her nose out again.
Insults and cruel accusations were thrown at her window like stones…