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Faith and spirituality in a modern world

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Spirituality in the modern world

Modern spirituality generally refers to an inner closeness to a supernatural Being, that perhaps some would shy away from calling 'God', or an awareness of a form of morality and wellbeing rather than a life governed by materialism.
It is a quest for an 'experience' or finding purpose and meaning.
Here are some articles loosely put in the category of 'Spirituality':

Jesus at the crossroads

4 choices: Satisfy body, Powerful performance, Richly influential or Not my will.

Jesus had just started His public ministry when He came to a crossroad with four different routes. We too face the same crossroad.
First turning: Satisfy your bodily needs!
Second turning: Put on a show for the benefit of the Kingdom of God!…

The feel good factor

Depressed elderly lady.

According to the Yellow Pages own old statistics there has been a massive rise in the number of companies that specialise in making us feel better.
Wanting to feel better about ourselves is a natural desire.
This is okay provided that we are not trying to cover up a more important spiritual desire – that is, to know God…

What gives stability in troubled times?

Worried eyes looking out from a tortoise shell.

We need to have a solid foundation when everything around you is crashing down.
These verses should help…

Recall notice

Recall notice.

Product description of all recalled items:
Units of all ages, all types, and all models of Homo sapiens.
Defect: Loss of direction, foul vocal emissions, amnesia of origin…

Cruel sneers to a single flower

An old woman looking worn out.

Through a grimy, stained glass window she appeared again to laughs and sneers from the kids outside on the street.
Silly old Mrs Millar was poking her nose out again.
Insults and cruel accusations were thrown at her window like stones…

Jerusalem Times: ‘Galilean won’t rise from the dead’ says authorities.

Rock tomb with closed stone door.

The Roman and Jewish authorities have admitted that they have put soldiers at the tomb where the body of Jesus of Nazareth lies.
This Jesus has been heralded as a Prophet…

What gives meaning to life?

A question mark.

Sometimes we need something to cut through the confusion, something that is solid and dependable, something that just doesn’t go out of fashion, or wears out, or becomes irrelevant.
At those times we can find such reality, such strength from verses in the Bible…