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  • [1] A bad shortcut down the Muse Escarpment!

    Well, this short cut includes the Muse Escarpment; descending 2000 feet in a mile and a half. Four years earlier, I made the trip as a passenger in the middle seat of a Land Rover, so I knew what was coming. Fortunately for Mohammed, he didn’t know…

    Muse Escarpment: public use at own risk.
  • [2] African 1950s Safari introduction

    Joe′s Journal of 1950’s safari′s, work contracts and expeditions to far away places. The 1950′s saw a steady stream of well trained technicians available to industry, having completed National Service. I opted for travel and adventure overseas, well paid work with low taxation…

    Joe Lucas in July 2023 and well into his eighties. African 1950s Safari introduction.
  • [5] A Gift of Marbles

    The beaming proprietor began counting cool objects into my sweaty outstretched palms. No – NOT CHANGE! Seven clicks as each kissed its neighbour, eight little spheres of gleaming glass with whorls of white on blue, green, red or amber, two of each hue. One per gallon MARBLES…

    Five marbles.
  • [6] Wallowing Hippopotamus, Sable and Roan Antelopes

    What chance against a lion? A Sable Antelope in Southern Rhodesia Game Reserve. A shy Roan Antelope and wallowing Hippopotamus…

    Roan antelope
  • [7] A 1960’s Safari Guide and the Victoria Falls

    1962 Luangwa Valley Game Reserve with my African Safari Guide. Inspired by the book ‘Wildlife in an African Territory’ also saw the Victoria Falls.

    Joe Lucas with a Park Ranger as a guide.
  • [8] Tanganyikan safari: Fire in the night

    An hour or so later on this Tanganyikan safari: Awake! … Smoke! … Fire? ‘Get back to sleep; it’s the crew and their camp fire, still rejoicing.’ Another hour. Awake again, more smoke, but no fire and the crew silent now. Sleep again. And again! Choking this time and definitely not from wood smoke!…

    A lighted match with smoke. Tanganyikan safari: Fire in the night.
  • [10] African safari – The valley of the Shadow of Death

    Lightning now frequent and close – hardly need the headlights! Down into THE valley – Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, a lightning trap on this African safari. Just once, my passenger reached towards the crash bar. The vertical rock face is a reassuring milestone, but then a direct hit floodlights the scene.

    A flash of lightning at night.
  • [11] Souvenirs from East Africa: figures 1 to 3

    Souvenirs from East Africa, these wooden figures were collected mainly from Tanganyika – now Tanzania, during the early 1950’s. Most were bought at stations on the Central Railway Line…

    A wooden Leopard stalking.
  • [13] A good read while on safari

    There was always a risk on arriving unbooked, to find ‘No Room At The Inn’ on my Tanganyikan safari. Unfortunately the reasons for my travels rarely gave enough notice to make reservations. Unlike the big city palaces, the bush hotel would usually fit you in somewhere…

    Evidence in Camera book by Constance Babington-Smith.
  • [14] Souvenirs from Tanganyika: figures 4 to 6

    This group of carved 3 figures, souvenirs from Tanganyika, is also made from a lightweight softwood, initially ‘Tea Rose’ coloured – darkening with age…

    Two Gazelles.
  • [16] On a Wing and a Prayer

    The planes engine’s song keys down, her nose dips, and the little township rises centre stage. A touch to starboard and there’s the runway ahead, but something is wrong. On a Wing and a Prayer…

    Looking at the Navigator's desk on a Lancaster bomber.
  • [17] Souvenirs from Kenya: figures 7 to 8

    These wooden figures were collected in East Africa, mainly from Tanganyika – now Tanzania, during the early 1950’s…

    Three Rhinoceros, side by side
  • [18] The Silent Key

    The Silent Key, someone who is no longer around: I once found a group of 10 year-olds at an exhibition of WW2 equipment, puzzled by a morse key and buzzer; all computer experts probably (unlike me). But I had to ‘show them how’ and rattled out a quick ‘CQ’ _._. … (General call)…

    Morse Key
  • [19] A sting in the tail – deadly scorpion

    Our first survival rule read NEVER PUT YOUR HAND INTO A HOLE. I forgot it, and knew what hit me before I saw it. A deadly scorpion! Burns, stings and high voltage shocks a-plenty; but nothing had equalled this, stunning rather than electrifying…

    A Scorpion with uplifted tail.
  • [20] Sundowners on African safaris

    Even ‘On Safari’ you found a place to pull in off the ‘road’, brew up, eat and rest during that glorious hour, the ‘Sundowner’. Eyes free of blinding light and the dust settled; refreshed, you could press on in the cooler night air. This stop was essential to those of us who spent long hours…

    Bush-veld - typical sub-tropical woodland
  • [21] A Dog’s Life in a hotel bar on an African safari

    A Dog’s Life, HE arrived with a whimper. Hungry? – A sausage roll made the tail wag. Thirsty? -a bowl of water raised a cocked head of doggy amazement, and no wag. Then someone gave him a half of India Pale Ale. Instant wagging and immediate consumption…

    Heinz the dog sees another guest come to the bar.
  • [23] African Souvenirs: figures 9 to 11

    The first of my African Souvenirs are two sets of figures, made from an ebony like wood, probably finished with boot polish…

    A pair of soapstone bookends - each of a man's head