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  • Book for sale:

    Humorous drama scripts that retell the bible stories in an authentic and modern way, with the aim that the truth of the story is not lost.

  • Walking with God talks – audio and video

    A selection of talks on walking with God, being a Christian in this modern world and being in the kingdom of God.

  • Timeline leading up to Jesus Christ

    Timeline leading up to Jesus Christ and into his early life from 600 BC with the Babylonian empire right up to John the Baptist.

  • What is God like? Who is God in the Bible?

    Is God distant? A Force for good? An old man with a grey beard? What is God like, he’s real, Father, a King carrying out his purposes, indescribable

  • What is truth?

    Here is a bottle of fizzy drink. The label says: “SUGAR FREE.” So “Sugar Free” means it’s not sweet? Wrong! What is truth? It is very sweet because there’s loads of what they call ‘artificial sweeteners’ in it! So labels and adverts can be TRUE, and yet still be MISLEADING…

  • When were the Gospels written?

    When were the Gospels written and how can we find out when they and other New Testament documents were made? See a time line from about A.D. 30 (Jesus′ death and resurrection) to A.D. 110.

  • Creation days 2 and 3 – atmosphere and vegetation

    Creation days 2 and 3. Until scientists studied the earth’s atmosphere, we never realised how important it is! Dry ground appears, vegetation grows..

  • How reliable are sources in history?

    How reliable are sources in history, ancient documents like: Caesar′s manuscripts on the Gallic War, Gospels in the Bible, New Testament, Thucydides′ History of Peloponnesian War, Tacitus Histories? Let′s see the evidence for these writings, compared with the four Gospels…

  • [2] Conscience meaning – can we trust it?

    Is our conscience right? Is it wrong to ignore your conscience? Conscience meaning: a conscience is in EVERYONE… Secondly our conscience is not always right… Thirdly our conscience can be WASHED clean…

  • [2] How to guard against being deceived?

    Stop being deceived. Jesus said: ‘Watch out that no one deceives you.’ Subtle deceptions, signs and wonders, so look at the fruit, read the Bible…

  • [4] Persecuted: Fighting against the current

    When we look at how Jesus describes the time leading up to the end of the world – with all the persecution it can all seem very scary! All that I considered as being stable, and dependable is being ripped away. All those things I hold as being fair, and noble, and honest, are just uprooted and destroyed. Where is true justice when I am handed over to be persecuted and put to death purely for being a Christian, and for doing good! Where is the fairness in being hated, just because I believe in Jesus? What happened to God′s help…

  • Could early man write? Oral traditions passed on

    Oldest surviving inscriptions: 3300 BC. Could early man write before that? ‘Popular history’ says it was by word of mouth and includes exaggeration.

  • The prophet Jesus is greater than Moses Part 2

    Jesus is greater than Moses so let′s look at some of the similarities in respect of: being a law giver, leading out of slavery, creating new worship…

  • What is church doctrine? Go Shake Your World With It!

    Facebook has its doctrine. Doctrine contrary to popular opinion, is not legalism. What is church doctrine? Doctrine is just the working essentials for…

  • [7] Looking for and needing revival

    Why do so many people look down on anything old these days? When looking for revival it is Biblical to look back. But we are constantly told that everything is ‘improved’ and ‘new’. Why is that, because these things couldn’t have been perfect to start with! But God’s work is perfect. He can’t be improved, neither can His works. We can be such an arrogant generation!…

  • Scientists who believe in God and the Genesis creation account

    Scientists who believe in God and Genesis creation being factually true are many. But we are often told that science disproves Christianity.

  • What should the Gospel message be?

    The Gospel message In the Bible is preached to different groups: a) Those with no Bible knowledge b) Those who know the Bible but aren’t saved

  • [3] Satan knows the importance of unity

    Satan can raise the importance of unity, why when he wants it destroyed. But Satan hates the Bible – God’s Word, even more than he hates unity.