Tag: difficult situations

  • Being a victim of fraud

    Being a victim of fraud can make us beat ourselves up and say ‘why did I do that?’ We can feel like a failure, and we’ve let our family down…

  • Feeling desperate? In emptiness God can meet us

    Feeling desperate? So empty that you would do anything to put it right? Jesus said; ‘Happy are those who are like a beggar in spirit…’ Why say that?

  • [1] What charity should I donate to?

    How does anyone choose? What charity should I donate to? We want to give money to the poor and the needy and not get lost in paying for massive CEO and other Executive charity salaries….

  • [3] Toil and tedium, drudgery and hard work

    Does toil and tedium sum up your life, it’s like a long, hard haul. Noah had to build the Ark for 100 years, that sounds like drudgery and hard work.

  • [5] Hardships in life, does God discipline us?

    Does God allow hardships in life? Does He discipline people? What is the purpose for our life? Noah certainly wasn’t expecting a world wide flood!

  • [3] “Oh no, my life’s falling apart”

    How did the British people feel in 1939, when the Nazis started their onslaught? They had every right to say: “my life’s falling apart!” At times in our lives we may feel that the whole world is crashing down around us. How do we cope at such times? I can remember that sinking feeling when the Falklands crisis started. We had just become a nation at war. How was this all going to work out? I wondered whether other nations were going to be drawn into the conflict…

  • [2] What charities can I donate to?

    Included are some popular charities that many Christians donate to (but are not in the top 100 of the last article) and some of the salaries are horribly excessive. Then I suggest some alternative charities which don’t pay millions of pounds in huge salaries…

  • [4] Persecuted: Fighting against the current

    When we look at how Jesus describes the time leading up to the end of the world – with all the persecution it can all seem very scary! All that I considered as being stable, and dependable is being ripped away. All those things I hold as being fair, and noble, and honest, are just uprooted and destroyed. Where is true justice when I am handed over to be persecuted and put to death purely for being a Christian, and for doing good! Where is the fairness in being hated, just because I believe in Jesus? What happened to God′s help…

  • Does God put us in difficult situations to test us?

    Jesus’ disciples were in an extremely tough, violent storm, but God can allow difficult situations to test us. He wants our faith and trust in Him to grow…

  • Can Christians divorce and remarry?

    Can Christians divorce and remarry? Think about Jesus, did he point the finger, no! What does the Bible actually say on divorce?

  • How to handle difficult situations

    How to handle difficult situations, let’s look at one very tough circumstance where a woman had been very ill for many, many years. What made matters even worse, according to the Jewish customs, she would have been classed as ‘ceremonially unclean’. That would have meant that she was barred from going to the Temple. But here she was TOUCHING Jesus, the SON of GOD, the Holy One! Why did she feel she could do that?…

  • [7] Turbulent, out of control lives

    Noah had no sail or rudder, I wonder how he felt – powerless, not in control? Our lives are sometimes swept along by strong currents and storms and it seems to be totally out of our control! How strange to build a huge boat, without any form of propulsion, no sails, no oars, no engine, and even more strange, no way of steering it – no rudder!…

  • [8] How and why to stop complaining

    Learn to stop complaining and be content with your life. No answer to: Why is this happening? You may be in the centre of God’s will and not understand why.