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[1] What is Communion, is it the Passover Meal?

Little fingers in the food mixing bowl!

Jesus knew that He was going to finish the meal in a different way, but He did want to eat the Passover with his disciples.
In initiating the Passover Meal, God wanted certain things in this meal to point to the Jews leaving Egypt, but also, and more importantly, to point directly to Jesus…

Baptism meaning – Problematic in practice

Baptism methods, river, font and baptistry

Baptism meaning: There are different ways of getting baptised and this subject has caused a lot of conflict between different Christian groups. This post looks at this dilemma. I had to learn a lesson many years ago involving water baptism and I want to pass this on to you…

[2] Communion meaning and The Passover Meal

Laying on a beach.

We see the Communion meaning when we see Jesus at his last supper with his disciples. He was celebrating the Passover meal and Jesus would certainly have seen this as a celebration of spiritual freedom…

[1] African 1950’s Safari introduction

Joe Lucas portrait

Joe′s Journal of 1950’s safari′s, work contracts and expeditions to far away places. The 1950′s saw a steady stream of well trained technicians available to industry, having completed National Service. I opted for travel and adventure overseas, well paid work with low taxation…

[3] The symbolism of the Passover Seder Meal

Wine bottle with wine glass.

There is a lovely symbolism of the Passover Meal – the Seder Meal. The Head of the house puts on a Kittel which resembles a Lab Coat, but has no pockets or buttons. The origin of the Kittel comes from the priests clothes. But NOT the High Priest’s elaborate garments. When he entered the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement, he wore simple linen garments…

[4] The symbolic food at the Seder Passover Meal

Sprigs of parsley.

After taking a sip from the first cup of wine with this symbolic food, everyone picks up the parsley and dips it in to salt water and then tastes a bit. This represents the Jew’s tears of slavery when they were in Egypt…

Christians behaving badly – selfish ambitions

Mud thrown at a man and sticking to his T-shirt.

I felt very battered because of Christians behaving badly. God’s work in which we were involved in has been snuffed out! When you cut through the facade it boiled down to being trampled on by a Christian’s selfish ambitions. Why should the work of God be stopped by selfish ambition?

Do you follow celebrities, or who?

The red carpet for celebrities to walk on.

A lot of the attraction for superstars and celebs can be due to all the advertising and hype.
Do you follow celebrities or who? Celebrities, sports people, etc become amazing because of all the publicity they get on TV and in the magazines. But what publicity machine did Jesus have? He didn’t have the TV and magazines. But people still followed Jesus!…