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  • 5. Scientific laws and the building blocks of life

    A Physicist on scientific laws: ‘to be a scientist, you had to have faith that the universe is governed by dependable, immutable, absolute, universal, mathematical laws of an unspecified origin…

    Jodrell Bank radio telescope
  • [5] How does God discipline us?

    Does God allow hardships in life? Does He discipline people? What is the purpose for our life? Noah certainly wasn’t expecting a world wide flood!

    Granny, or Nanny, and grandson playing.
  • 8. Do dogs prove evolution and are Bible kinds species?

    Do different breeds of dogs prove evolution confirming Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Upon this theory a whole molecules-to-man evolution has grown…

    Dog and child's faces close up.
  • [4] What gives meaning to life?

    Sometimes we need something to cut through the confusion, something that is solid and dependable, something that just doesn’t go out of fashion, or wears out, or becomes irrelevant. At those times we can find such reality, such strength from verses in the Bible…

    A little girl playing outside in a garden in 1934.
  • [5] How to feel happy, the feel-good factor.

    Many people reach for chocolate, drink, splash some cash or go to a party. But other things have become popular in trying to solve the problem: ‘how to feel happy’. According to the Yellow Pages own old statistics…

    Bronze statues at Woburn Safari Park - do they look happy?
  • [15] Comfort in solitude: uplift

    Comfort in solitude, the ultimate experience was a first ever encounter with a powerful thermal of rising air, flying a glider. Throw her over into a steep turn, concentrate on ‘look-out’, scan the instruments and see the ground sinking away below…

    Snow covered mountain
  • [7] Are you overwhelmed by a relentless illness?

    How to handle difficult situations, let’s look at one very tough circumstance where a woman had been very ill for many, many years. What made matters even worse, according to the Jewish customs, she would have been classed as ‘ceremonially unclean’. That would have meant that she was barred from going to the Temple. But here…

    Hospital infusion pump for chemo and other drips.
  • [8] Do we owe God anything?

    Monopoly is good if you’ve got some property with a house or two, and therefore you’ve got a slim chance of winning. But if you’re the one with no sets of properties, then your fate is certain! Whether you survive for the next two minutes, or another hour, it doesn’t really matter, because you know…

    Monopoly game in progress.
  • 11. Scientists who believe in God and the Genesis creation account

    Scientists who believe in God and Genesis creation being factually true are many. But we are often told that science disproves Christianity.

    Scientific student making notes.
  • 12. Obligate mutualism

    Where two different things cannot survive without each other. Ficus macrophylla, commonly known as the Moreton Bay Fig, comes from Australia and has an obligate mutualism with fig wasps. This means that the figs are only pollinated by fig wasps, and fig wasps can only reproduce in fig flowers…

    Mutualism: yucca moth eats a few yucca seeds while being protected and then pollinates the Yucca flowers.
  • [5] What are the characteristics of God?

    What are God’s qualities – His perfections? What are God’s perfections and what are the characteristics of God? This may seem difficult to pinpoint because God is invisible, dwells in unapproachable light and no one can look at Him and live. That explains why we can’t see God, so we then have to rely on…

    Colchester castle
  • [6] Adolf Hitler’s warning from God not to start a war

    Adolf Hitler’s warning: It would appear that God did draw a line in the sand and Hitler made a conscious decision to proceed with his plans. The facts come from a documentary “The Nazis: A Warning From History – Hitler’s Path To War”…

    Concentration camp, Holocaust, Auschwitz image. Did God tell Hitler not to start a war? Adolf Hitler's warning from God not to start a war.
  • 14. What is hard for evolution to explain?

    A first class navigator. The young of the American Golden Plover fly 3000 miles from Alaska across the Pacific ocean to the island of Hawaii – without their parents to guide them! Is that by designed, or trial and error…

    A Robber Crab on the sand.
  • Religious leaders get jealous 29th April 2009

    The Religious leaders had got really jealous of Jesus because he was so popular and everyone seemed to be following him. So they got him executed and then they made sure…

    Children running through the script.
  • [7] Does God intervene in the world?

    In God’s eyes Nineveh, the Assyrian city, was a bad city and yet He reached out to them in mercy. It was a warning from God and they certainly didn’t deserve His mercy and they lived 300 miles away from Israel. But God sent the prophet Jonah to Nineveh to preach to them…

    Artist's impression of Assyrian Palaces.
  • [11] How to please God – a sweet smelling life

    Have you noticed the difference in how God is described before the Flood (grieved) and then after the Flood (pleased at the sweet fragrance)?

    Corpse flower, Amorphophallus titanum
  • [5] Was Noah’s flood a judgment from God? Timeline.

    The Flood’s massive destruction is often not understood. Everything was exterminated. It left a huge worldwide scar called the Great Unconformity.

    A world wide flood hits the land.
  • [9] What does God require under an authoritarian regime?

    What should we do under an authoritarian regime? How does God want us to behave? Jesus’ Israel was under evil Roman rule, how did he respond?

    German Nazi troops and camp WW2.