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  • Who can we trust? Wikipedia, education, TV, newspapers?

    We get bombarded with people’s opinions, good and bad advice. But who can we trust? Wikipedia, education, TV, they’ve got authority…

    A newspaper and a mobile phone
  • What is God’s purpose for us?

    In looking at the subject of ‘God’s purposes for my life’ it is really good to remember that: Throughout history the Lord has always desired to have someone, or a group of people, or a nation, to be His people or spokesperson. So very early on, He chose individuals, like Noah and Abraham, etc. Then later He gave His Laws to Israel and He sent them prophets…

    Wicken Fen looking from a Hide. Nature speaks about a Creator God.
  • Being a victim of fraud

    Being a victim of fraud can make us beat ourselves up and say ‘why did I do that?’ We can feel like a failure, and we’ve let our family down…

    A man fleeing, getting away with it.
  • [2] Conscience meaning – can we trust it?

    Is our conscience right? Is it wrong to ignore your conscience? Conscience meaning: a conscience is in EVERYONE… Secondly our conscience is not always right… Thirdly our conscience can be WASHED clean…

    Straw Bear Festival with their strange costumes.
  • Views on what makes a sin terrible or acceptable

    Every congregation has a view on what makes a sin terrible and what isn’t so bad: divorce, greed, homosexuality, anger, immorality, jealousy, etc.

    Cartoon man chasing chicken with an axe
  • Can Christians divorce and remarry?

    Can Christians divorce and remarry? Think about Jesus, did he point the finger, no! What does the Bible actually say on divorce?

    A man's wedding ring on his finger - can Christians divorce and remarry?
  • How to break free – I want to be free!

    Have you noticed how some people express how free they are, and yet they dress all the same and are bound to an unwritten code of practice? Whether that is as a Hippie, a Rocker, or even living in Suburbia, most of us ‘conform’ and are bound by outside pressures…

    Leather jacket studded with badges.
  • Spiritual health and bankruptcy

    Monopoly is good if you’ve got some property with a house or two, and therefore you’ve got a slim chance of winning. But if you’re the one with no sets of properties, then your fate is certain! Whether you survive for the next two minutes, or another hour, it doesn’t really matter, because you know what the outcome will be. You are going to end up BANKRUPT, and you’ll lose. Sooner or later, you are going to land on Park Lane…

    Monopoly game in progress.
  • What are the characteristics of God?

    Major update: 13th February 2023 What is God made up of, and what are the characteristics of God? This may seem difficult to pinpoint because God is invisible, dwells in unapproachable light and no one can look at Him and live. That explains why we can’t see God, so we then have to rely on […]

    Colchester castle
  • How the justice of God was satisfied – High Priest 1

    Can God ignore mankind going their own way? Could God just declare a “Not guilty” verdict over the human race? What about the justice of God?

    Baby with father on a picnic.
  • What is acceptable worship – Jesus the High Priest Part 2

    Let’s look at how Jesus makes our weak efforts into beautiful, acceptable worship. The High Priest bears the guilt of imperfect sacred gifts…

    Government Inspection of Meat hanging from hooks.
  • 1950’s Belgian Congo revival

    The Belgian Congo revival seems like a genuine move of God which bore good fruit. Suddenly we heard a hurricane storm, the building shook…

    The Belgian Congo jungle.