Earith School Concert 1912

Earith School Concert 1912 ‘The Doll’s House Party’ and ‘Sir Christus the Good’. The Programme of Earith School Concert. 18th and 19th December 1912 Pianoforte Duet: ‘Merry Skaters’ Ida Searle and Nellie Warren. Song: ‘The Kings Own’ B. Parren. Play – ‘The Dolls House Party’: Mistress Doll: Constance Thoday. Little Dolls: Elsie King, Ethel Attwood, Doris Setchell, Willie Brown, Henry… Continue reading Earith School Concert 1912

1930’s school playground

1930’s school memories: I remember when I was in the infants class Mr Jewson, who lived nearly opposite the playground in the house called ‘Cavendish’ used to go to Mickey Day’s sweet shop and buy a large paper bag full of liquorice Allsorts.
He then came to the playground railing and threw the sweets out as though he were throwing corn to chickens…

Elizabethan Shilling

Queen Elizabeth bust.

A well worn Queen Elizabethan Shilling dated 1566 found by John Wales in 1933 in North Halls field, Earith Fen.
How much was that worth in Elizabethan days:
About three and a half days pay* for a Pikeman in the army…

[4] John (Jack) Wales: Huntingdon Grammar School days

Being in the third form of Huntingdon Grammar School we have a fair amount of homework.
We have Physical Education twice a week and a games period on Friday afternoons.
We play football in the winter, cricket in the summer and in between these two we have cross country runs.
In the Physical Education period in the summer we go bathing…