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  • [5] Gays cannot stay at Bed and Breakfasts or hotels?

    Isn’t it judgemental to say: “Gays can’t stay at Bed and Breakfasts or hotels”. But hasn’t that happened? How many people have been turned away from a Bed and Breakfast for being: Greedy? Or an angry person? Yes someone can be turned away for shouting at the proprietor, but not for living an angry life?…

    An angry man sitting pointing to the door.
  • [5] Is wanting to feel important good?

    Jesus was going to give His life as a ransom to set us free, and there were His followers arguing, over who was the greatest! Would Jesus say: “Well done!” Just imagine the situation, Jesus had chosen the disciples to carry on His work and now He was shortly going to die…

    Painting of Mohammed Ali by pop artist John Stango.
  • [1] What is Christian unity? So many denominations!

    What is Christian unity and denominations in the Kingdom of God? It’s people that are important. Christians are now in fellowship with Almighty God.

    A demonstration in France
  • [6] Should a Minister of Religion wear a uniform?

    Some laugh at clergy vestments ‘Nice frock!’ Is it out of date? Should a Minister of Religion wear a uniform? What is the history of clergy vestments?

    Clergyman in his vestments.
  • [12] Being consistent with God

    Noah should have no problem with being consistent. He overcame many obstacles, had many victories and then suddenly he was caught off guard.

    Noah lays drunk and naked in his open tent.