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  • [2] African 1950’s Safari introduction

    Joe′s Journal of 1950’s safari′s, work contracts and expeditions to far away places. The 1950′s saw a steady stream of well trained technicians available to industry, having completed National Service. I opted for travel and adventure overseas, well paid work with low taxation…

    Joe Lucas portrait
  • [4] 1950’s Mosal – Kurdish delight but very dangerous

    The tarmac soon gave way to dust in 1950’s Mosal, but it was halfway through the day, about 70 miles on before foothills replaced the plains. Further on and well into the mountains my driver seemed happier, now in his own country, so I raised the subject of the bullet hole that starred my half of the divided windscreen. Apparently, recently in this valley, his passenger in my seat was an Arab police chief…

    A dry, dusty road in Basra.
  • [13] 1949 to 1951 boy friends

    In my real life story 1949, Stanley kept coming into the Library while I was working, and I used to be filling the shelves up with returned books, and he used to pop his head round the corner of the bookcases! Eventually, this wore me down so I agreed to go out with him…

    Christine at Alum Bay 1951
  • [14] 1951 to 1953 romantic manure

    In my real life story 1951 after Roy fetched the Chrysanths, he said to me “I am soon going home to jam sandwiches and Beethoven”. So I realised that, like me, he loved classical music, and it was definitely love at first sight! It was very difficult for us to meet on our own…

    1954 Ted, May, George,Roy and Daisy.
  • [11] Souvenirs from East Africa: figures 1 to 3

    Souvenirs from East Africa, these wooden figures were collected mainly from Tanganyika – now Tanzania, during the early 1950’s. Most were bought at stations on the Central Railway Line…

    A wooden Leopard stalking.
  • [15] 1951 to 1955 wedding day

    Continuing my real life story 1951 … of course we were on our own when Roy saw me home after the meal at their cottage, but in the two years we were courting, we only went out to a cinema three times, as the only bus from Terling into Chelmsford…

    October 1955 wedding of Christine and Roy at Terling.
  • [12] East African Colonialism out in the bush

    East African Colonialism; In Africa their simple tiny churches were much better attended than ours and, despite poverty and hardships, had a touching faith, humility and inner confidence. Mission training was its basis. Throughout East Africa, every known Christian denomination had a station somewhere. Priests and lay brothers – always known as ‘White Fathers’ – tore about the roads on motor bikes…

    Trees and dead grass in Nyasaland.
  • [16] 1955 to 1956 baby boy

    Real life story 1955, our first home at Terling was a new Council House, but we left after seven months, as the market garden could not support another family, as by this time I was pregnant, and Roy got the job as Manager at Harry Church’s Nursery at Witham, just a few miles away…

    Christine holding baby Peter.
  • [17] 1957 to 1960 I’m not rearing pigs!

    Continuing my real life story 1957, Roy had always wanted to be self-employed, so he applied to the L.S.A. (Land Settlement Association) for a smallholding at Lawford, near Manningtree, Essex, and we moved there in November 1957. We had a financial struggle at first, as we had to put down a deposit and then pay rent, so we had to borrow money…

    Rev John Haydon and Mrs Haydon in the 1940's.
  • [13] A good read while on safari

    There was always a risk on arriving unbooked, to find ‘No Room At The Inn’ on my Tanganyikan safari. Unfortunately the reasons for my travels rarely gave enough notice to make reservations. Unlike the big city palaces, the bush hotel would usually fit you in somewhere…

    Evidence in Camera book by Constance Babington-Smith.
  • [14] Souvenirs from Tanganyika: figures 4 to 6

    This group of carved 3 figures, souvenirs from Tanganyika, is also made from a lightweight softwood, initially ‘Tea Rose’ coloured – darkening with age…

    Two Gazelles.
  • [17] Souvenirs from Kenya: figures 7 to 8

    These wooden figures were collected in East Africa, mainly from Tanganyika – now Tanzania, during the early 1950’s…

    Three Rhinoceros, side by side
  • [27] Earith parades 1936 to 1960

    George V Jubilee Day 1936 at Earith. Recreation Field, Earith circa 1938-1939 Conservative Parade circa 1950-60

    Two children as Victorian gentlemen are ready for the Earith parade.
  • [23] African Souvenirs: figures 9 to 11

    The first of my African Souvenirs are two sets of figures, made from an ebony like wood, probably finished with boot polish…

    A pair of soapstone bookends - each of a man's head