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  • Jesus Christ – a real historical life-changing person

    Jesus Christ, a Jew from Nazareth, has changed the lives of millions of people from all around the world for the last two thousand years.Some say he was just a myth, but he is a proven, historical man with non-Christian evidence.When were the Gospels about Jesus written? Jesus’ titles are Prophet, Priest and King.

  • RE lesson plans Christianity

    There are two ways of viewing the lesson plans: Teachers just do not have the time to research RE Christianity, so here are 36 free, ready-made lesson plans with worksheets to give an introduction to Christianity. Each of these KS1 and KS2 RE lesson plans is for a complete, standalone classroom lesson. Just choose Keystage…

    Inside Canterbury Cathedral.
  • [8] Was Jesus born at Migdal-Eder, Bethlehem?

    Shepherds told ‘swaddling cloths and a manger’ how did they know where to go? Was Jesus born at Migdal-Eder ‘Tower of the Flock’ at Bethlehem?

    Shepherding in Shepherd's Fields, Bethlehem. Was Jesus born at Migdal-Eder, Bethlehem - the Tower of the Flock?
  • Jesus lesson plan – a historical figure

    Did you know that Jesus is an undisputed person from history with secular records proving his existence? No time to research the life of Jesus? Well, this is a complete Jesus lesson plan for KS1 showing why Jesus is special for billions of followers worldwide. Here is a complete Jesus Christ lesson on where Jesus…

    A statue of Jesus. Jesus lesson plan
  • Timeline pictures

    Print page 2 only, to get just the worksheet.Images to cut out for timeline, consisting of: This worksheet relates to the: Jesus lesson plan – a historical figureAlso see: Is Jesus a historical figure? RE resources

  • Is Jesus a historical figure? RE resources

    Jesus is a proven historical person.He was different, he spoke about God in a real way and he loved people. 1. Teacher’s background information. Is Jesus a historical figure like Napoleon Bonaparte or Julius Caesar? Yes, he is proven to be a real historical person according to ancient secular records as well as Christian writings.…

  • [1] Evidence of Jesus Christ – Non-Christian

    Jeremy Bowen, BBC′s former Middle East correspondent, said about evidence of Jesus:- “I thought you couldn’t corroborate anything that was in the Gospels .. To start with I didn’t know there was a historical character called Jesus – I thought that you had to believe in Jesus the same way as you have to believe in…

    Title page of a 1619 Latin translation of Lucian's complete works
  • [3] When was Jesus born by calculating temple’s age, Herod…

    When was Jesus born? Taking the evidence of the crucifixion, Jesus’ baptism, the temple’s age, king Herod’s reign, the Roman census a fair assumption is…

    King Herod marble statue
  • 1. Evidence for the Big Bang Theory

    Age of the universe how conclusive: Hubble’s Law, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, dark matter hypothesis, Modified Newtonian dynamics…

    Brass Iranian Astrolabe, made by Jacopo koushan in Tabriz.
  • [3] What is truth?

    What is truth, these days it is moveable, shifting, fitting in with the general sentiment. But the truth is not what the majority think and we need it…

    Harrier jump jet hovering in the air.
  • Gospels written too long after Jesus?

    Were the Gospels written too long after Jesus? In less than 40 years after Jesus, a gospel and many public church letters had been written. This article compares this situation to a couple of modern day examples…

    Head and shoulders picture of Winston Churchill. Gospels written too long after Jesus?
  • [5] Timeline leading up to Jesus Christ

    Timeline leading up to Jesus Christ and into his early life from 600 BC with the Babylonian empire right up to John the Baptist.

    Ishtar Gate at Berlin Museum.
  • How reliable are sources in history?

    How reliable are sources in history, ancient documents like: Caesar′s manuscripts on the Gallic War, Gospels in the Bible, New Testament, Thucydides′ History of Peloponnesian War, Tacitus Histories? Let′s see the evidence for these writings, compared with the four Gospels…

    A fragment of a manuscript.
  • 6. Could early man write? Oral traditions passed on

    Oldest surviving inscriptions: 3300 BC. Could early man write before that? ‘Popular history’ says it was by word of mouth and includes exaggeration.

    Ink on Egyptian Papyrus.
  • 9. Are dragons real creatures?

    UPDATED! There are a lot of references to dragons throughout history, but are dragons real? These creatures are probably based on real, living dinosaurs that are described correctly, or they have been described with the combined features of several dinosaurs, or they may be based on a real dinosaur with additional exaggerations. Written evidence from…

    Dragon statue
  • [1] Could Noah have built the Ark – he was an Ancient engineer

    Could Noah have built the Ark which was about the size of a 14000 ton modern tanker? It is strange but true, that many building marvels were built thousands of years ago and modern engineers have tried to recreate certain ancient buildings or machines and have often failed…

    The Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza
  • 7. The Garden of Eden. A parable or real?

    The Garden of Eden can’t be a parable to teach us moral truth, it’s too detailed. The Bible always says if it is a parable, so we know whether it is real…

    Map of Euphrates Valley, site of the Garden of Eden?
  • [3] How long did Noah’s flood last?

    In Noah’s flood timeline it took over 12 months for the waters to subside and for the ground to dry out. These are realistic figures, it’s not a myth. These are very realistic figures, whereas many myths…

    Rhinoceros standing in short grass.