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  • Walking with God talks – audio and video

    A selection of talks on walking with God, being a Christian in this modern world and being in the kingdom of God.

  • Who can we trust? Wikipedia, education, TV, newspapers?

    We get bombarded with people’s opinions, good and bad advice. But who can we trust? Wikipedia, education, TV, they’ve got authority…

  • God’s purposes for my life

    In looking at the subject of ‘God’s purposes for my life’ it is really good to remember that: Throughout history the Lord has always desired to have someone, or a group of people, or a nation, to be His people or spokesperson. So very early on, He chose individuals, like Noah and Abraham, etc. Then later He gave His Laws to Israel and He sent them prophets…

  • [1] What is Communion, is it the Passover Meal?

    Jesus finished the Passover meal in a different way. What is Communion? It points to the Jews leaving Egypt, but also to himself…

  • Life is a journey, do you know where you are going?

    Our life is a journey. No destination in view? But still walking a spiritual pathway that can be rough at times. Heaven should be our focus.

  • Do you follow celebrities, or who?

    Celebs are famous due to advertising and hype. Do you follow celebrities? What publicity did Jesus have? He has more followers than anyone…

  • [2] Communion celebrates spiritual freedom

    The Passover Meal a picture of freedom, the Jews from Egypt and Jesus knew his crucifixion would give spiritual freedom to all who believed in him.

  • [3] The symbolism of the Passover Seder Meal

    There is a lovely symbolism of the Passover Meal – the Seder Meal. The Head of the house puts on a Kittel which resembles a Lab Coat, but has no pockets or buttons. The origin of the Kittel comes from the priests clothes. But NOT the High Priest’s elaborate garments. When he entered the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement, he wore simple linen garments…

  • Feeling desperate? In emptiness God can meet us

    Feeling desperate? So empty that you would do anything to put it right? Jesus said; ‘Happy are those who are like a beggar in spirit…’ Why say that?

  • [2] Abuse of power and the corrupt being within

    Giants and mighty men: As far as political leaders go there isn’t enough room in the world for very many giants and mighty men with their abuse of power, but in our everyday lives we can come across many who have that mindset…

  • [4] The symbolic food at the Seder Passover Meal

    After taking a sip from the first cup of wine with this symbolic food, everyone picks up the parsley and dips it in to salt water and then tastes a bit. This represents the Jew’s tears of slavery when they were in Egypt…

  • [4] How do I know I am saved?

    How do I know I am saved? It is not good for a Christian to doubt their salvation. A Christian who is assured of their salvation will be confident.

  • [5] The Holy Spirit and living a godly life

    The old term for a godly life is sanctification. The filling of the Holy Spirit helps living a godly life, but it’s not ‘sanctification’ itself. Think Corinth

  • Views on what makes a sin terrible or acceptable

    Every congregation has a view on what makes a sin terrible and what isn’t so bad: divorce, greed, homosexuality, anger, immorality, jealousy, etc.

  • [10] 1944 to 1945 test of faith

    In my real life story 1944 my faith was severely tested eighteen months later when my Mother, who had been ailing some time, died of breast cancer, aged 51 years…

  • How can I be saved? Ticket to heaven?

    Is there a ticket to get to heaven? How can I be saved? Heaven is reserved for family only, that’s why we are born again by our heavenly Father…

  • The prophet Jesus is greater than Moses Part 2

    Jesus is greater than Moses so let′s look at some of the similarities in respect of: being a law giver, leading out of slavery, creating new worship…

  • Temptation example: Resisting powerful urges

    Temptation example: Jesus had just started His public ministry when He came to a crossroad with four different choices. We too face the same crossroad. First turning: Satisfy your bodily needs! Second turning: Put on a show for the benefit of the Kingdom of God!…